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Shadowverse : Evolve - Starter Deck - CSD01 Umamusume: Pretty Derby " Anglais "

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Découvrez CSD01 Umamusume: Pretty Derby Anglais et plongez dans l'action palpitante de l'univers Umamusume. Avec ce produit complet comprenant des cartes puissantes, un chef stratégique, des options d'évolution et un tapis de jeu, menez votre équipe à la victoire et vivez l'excitation de Pretty Derby dès maintenant !
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Introducing CSD01 Umamusume: Pretty Derby Anglais



You've heard the buzz, you've seen the excitement - now it's time to experience it for yourself. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of Umamusume: Pretty Derby with our latest product – CSD01 Umamusume: Pretty Derby Anglais.





Immerse yourself in the action





With CSD01 Umamusume: Pretty Derby Anglais, you'll get everything you need to fully immerse yourself in the world of Umamusume. Inside the box, you'll find a deck of 40 pre-constructed cards for your main deck, as well as 10 evolution cards to further enhance your gameplay. These cards are carefully curated to ensure an optimal gaming experience, allowing you to easily dive into the excitement of the Pretty Derby universe.





Lead your team to victory





No Umamusume journey is complete without a leader, and that's where the included chef card comes in. This powerful card will become the anchor of your team, guiding them towards victory with its unique abilities and strategies. With the chef card in your possession, you'll have the power to make tactical decisions that can turn the tide of any race.





Evolving to greatness





Evolution is a key aspect of the Umamusume world, and with CSD01 Umamusume: Pretty Derby Anglais, you'll receive three evolution cards. These cards unlock new abilities and strengths for your Umamusume, allowing them to reach their full potential. It's through these evolutions that your team can truly shine, overcoming obstacles and surpassing all expectations.





Take the action to the next level





But that's not all. Alongside the cards, CSD01 Umamusume: Pretty Derby Anglais also includes a game mat and a rules sheet. The game mat provides the perfect playing surface, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. The rules sheet, printed on both sides, provides clear and concise instructions on how to play, making it easy for beginners to jump right in and start competing.





Counting your way to victory





To keep track of your Umamusume's defense points, CSD01 Umamusume: Pretty Derby Anglais comes with a defense counter. This handy tool allows you to easily keep tabs on your team's defenses, ensuring that you never lose sight of the strategic aspect of the game. Additionally, the package includes two perforated counter boards, providing you with all the counters you need to accurately represent the various elements in the Umamusume universe.





Experience the thrill of Umamusume: Pretty Derby





CSD01 Umamusume: Pretty Derby Anglais is your ticket to experiencing the exhilaration and suspense of the Umamusume world. With its carefully selected cards, powerful chef card, evolution options, game mat, and comprehensive rules, this product is the complete package for both new players and seasoned enthusiasts. Don't miss out on the chance to lead your Umamusume to glory – get your hands on CSD01 Umamusume: Pretty Derby Anglais today!



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